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This page includes copies of reports generated by and/or created for PHANS. It begins with a copy of PHANS Strategic Plan created in 2010 and reflects the current work of the Association. Three working groups have been struck to work with the Board to enable the three main objectives of the Plan - The Anti-Poverty Working Group; the Early Child Development Working Group; and the Public Health Workforce Capacity Working Group.

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 PHANS Strategic Plan 

PHANS Strategic Plan and Key Initiatives 2014-2016 (pdf)

The Plan is reviewed annually. Key Initiatives are updated and prioritized annually.

PHANS Initiatives

Health Inequity

  • Public Health Messages: Obesity and Health  Inequity - 2011  (pdf)
  • Key Public Health Messages: Poverty and Health - 2010  (pdf)

Early Child Development

  •  Supporting the Early Years in Nova Scotia - 2012 (pdf)

 Public Health Workforce Capacity

  • Translating the Core Competencies for Public Health into Action Workshop - 2009 (pdf)
      • Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada (ppt)
      • Workforce Development & Living the Core Competencies (ppt)  
      •  Relationship between the Core Competencies for Public Health and Public Health Nursing Discipline Specific Competencies (ppt) 
      • Pan Canadian Task Force on Public Health Nutrition Practice & Continuing Professional Competencies Project (ppt) 
      • Continuing Professional Competencies Project – Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (ppt)
  •  A Path Toward Developing Public Health Capacity - 2005 (pdf)
  • Resolution to Support the Core Competencies for Public Health - 2007 (pdf)
  • Resolution to Support the Skills Enhancement for Public Health - 2007 (pdf)

Membership, Communication, Public Relations

  • Membership Survey Report 2006 (pdf)

Public Health Champion Awards 

 Janet Braunstein Moody   2014(pdf)

 Dr. Gaynor Watson-Creed 2013 (pdf)

 Karen MacKinnon  2012 (pdf)

 Debbie Smith  2011(pdf)


 Other Activities and Reports

  • Election Primer 2013 (pdf)
  • Tips for Meeting with Candidates (pdf)
  • Nomination Forms - Public Health Champion - 2014 (pdf)
  • A Brief History of PHANS 1989-2011 (pdf)
  • A Longer History of PHANS 1992-2011 (pdf)
  • Resolution to Support Violence Prevention - 2007 (pdf)
  • Guidelines for a Letter to the Editor (pdf)
  • Nova Scotia's Public Health Capacity Framework 2003 (pdf)
  • Nova Scotia's Accountability Framework 2002 (pdf)





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