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Welcome Students! PHANS encourages the involvement of students from a variety of backgrounds and believes that students represent a vital resource for the future of public health in Canada. Your input is valued!students2

Some of our student members have created a student group, branching off from the main PHANS organization. Members come from the many universities across Halifax and bring forth a variety of backgrounds, including epidemiology, nutrition, physiotherapy, urban planning and nursing.

The main function of the student group is sharing of information and opportunities, as well as learning about how public health is related to their field.

The main activities of the student group include monthly meetings, setting up guest lectures from the public health field and circulating emails concerning internships, conferences, and other public health opportunities.

If interested, please go to the website or use our online form to reach a contact person.

students1 Following is a list of links of interest to students

1. Canadian Society for International Health - Opportunities
On this web site, you can find internship opportunities with a variety of Canadian organizations in the public health field including the Canadian International Development Agency, Netcorps internships, and Foreign Affairs Canada. There are also educational opportunities in public health, epidemiology, environmental health and occupational health with links to available programs.

2. Population Health - Public Health Agency of Canada
This is a great place to get the basics about population health and the main determinants of health. There are also lots of great links within the website to population health documents and related organizations.

3. Campus Access - Medical Internships and Volunteer work
This web page has a variety of both paid and unpaid internships and volunteer opportunities in the health field.

4. Skills Enhancement for Health Surveillance, On-line courses, Health Canada
This site, part of the Public Health Agency of Canada, offers online courses dealing with health measures and basic epidemiology principles.

5. Canadian Institute for Health Information
An independent, pan-Canadian site providing quality, reliable and timely health information. 

6. Canadian Institute of Health Research
The major federal agency responsible for funding research in Canada.


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