Public Health Association of Nova Scotia


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What is PHANS ?

PHANS is the Public Health Association of Nova Scotia (PHANS) - a voluntary not-for-profit organization, affiliated with the Canadian Public Health Association. Membership is open to individuals and groups supporting PHANS' mission, principles and objectives.

What does PHANS Do ?

  • Monitors social, political, economic and environmental developments that may influence public health.
  • Advocates for policy change on issues that affect health.
  • Responds to community health issues and concerns.
  • Raises public and professional awareness of health issues.
  • Encourages individual and community action.
  • Liaises with other voluntary agencies and government departments.
  • Participates in government committees examining health policy.

Requesting PHANS support

PHANS welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively and support other groups and organizations. To ensure that requests we receive align with the priorities and the current work plan of PHANS, we ask you to complete the accompanying template to the best of your ability and return it to PHANS.  We will entertain requests that allow us to work towards our defined outcomes. Template download (pdf)



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